Camera Cult’s latest single, “Location” is a soft synth-pop ballad that breezes along with a smooth R&B vibe while Vasquez’s brooding vocals carry the tune along. Vasquez plays the narrator who is actually an ill-intentioned man trying to exploit a woman’s vulnerability after a recent heartbreak. Lasting just five minutes, the record showcases the duo's throwback sound that offers a refreshing departure from the norm. “Location” is a sign of what’s to come from the band's forthcoming EP  TALK NICE due out August of 2018 on Wormhole Records.


"No matter what you might think, Houston has a pretty solid electronica scene. As far as electro-pop goes, there are plenty of offerings up for grabs, though Houston's Camera Cultseems to be the most prolific. After their appearance at FPSF, it seems like these two are hell-bent on becoming our city's strongest dance-pop machine. Mixing dance-pop beats and synths that you can't forget, latest single "Vice Grips" is a great place to start. Purchase music from the duo at record shops throughout the area, including Deep End Records.

"With the debut of singles “Heart Brakes” and “Don’t Hang Out” in 2016, this energetic band reminiscent of Classix and Chromeo sits at a crossroads. After experimenting with a synth-heavy, four-on-the-floor sound, the duo says they’re contemplating a more eclectic R&B production style in the vein of The Weeknd and Kanye West." 

The world of electronica is pretty stacked nowadays, making the route to getting noticed more and more about what you do on stage, it seems. For Houston’s Camera Cult, they pretty much just throw a party every time they perform and the room just gets down to their danceable jams. With two solid singles on vinyl under their belt and more on the way, the three-piece includes live instrumentation and is much like a mix of Disclosure meets ABBA. This year they’ve been added to the lineup of FPSF, and the festival is much better for it. Free Press Houston was more than happy to find out more about the trio’s past, present, and future.